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Caffè Ramenzoni

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Italian Artisanal Roastery

Congratulation Caffe Ramenzoni Asia

"Heartfelt congratulations to Caffe Ramenzoni Asia, our exclusive distributor for Asia and APEC regions."

Caffe Ramenzoni Italy

Bring the Taste of Italy to you

Everybody enjoys and remembers the taste of Italy Coffee when you are there.  Now you can enjoy these moments in your home.
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We are the oldest roasting company in our area with over 60 years of life. Our headquarters are located in Fidenza, in the province of Parma, the beating and productive heart of the Food Valley.

An Artisanal Story

Our Italian Artisanal Coffee —

Intense Aroma

The typical roasting of Caffè Ramenzoni is medium-dark to allow our blends to reach the peak of intensity of the aroma.

Full-bodied taste

The important and velvety body together with the pleasant aromatic richness of Caffè Ramenzoni comes from a careful mixture of various qualities.


The intense and delicate aroma, the pleasantly citrus notes and the hints of fresh fruit are the calling card of Caffè Ramenzoni.


Ramenzoni roasts its coffee in search of an ideal caramelization of sugars. We give importance also to the visual experience.


In the game of balances typical of roasting Ramenzoni enhances the natural sweetness of coffee, typical of a not aggressive roasting but not even excessively delicate.

Right degree of acidity

Acidity is a normal characteristic of Arabic coffees, especially those grown at high altitudes.


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100% Roasted in the Heart of the Food Valley in Fidenza, Parma, Italy. The Oldest roasting company in our area with over 60 years of life.
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The Whole Process...

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The coffee plant lives only in the tropical belt. The best plantations are located at a height of 200 to 2,000 m, and it is there that Ramenzoni chooses its product.
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The berry.

Each berry carries inside one or two seeds depending on the variety. These seeds are our most precious grains.
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The collection.

The collection can be mechanical or manual. The greatest care and attention that is paid to manual collection is what Ramenzoni seeks.
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The workmanship.

After harvesting, the seeds are removed from the berries and left to dry in the sun or in a drying room and cleaned of the last remaining impurities.
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The transportation.

Green coffee travels in jute bags for regular respiration. Ramenzoni uses only companies whose certification ensures that all steps, from planting to storage and ship, take place in strict compliance with the correct procedures.
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The roasting process.

The roasting of the raw product is carried out by us in strict compliance with the best traditions, the same that have made the Italian espresso famous throughout the world.
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The blends are composed of coffees of different origins, each of which brings its own merits and characteristics. Ramenzoni mixes eight different origins, just to give you the best.
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The coffee.

We want to leave to you only the pleasure of our coffee. The pleasure of a break. We work to ensure that the persistence of our coffee accompanies you every day. We want you to remember our coffe, throughout his fragrance and taste.